I am acting upon one of my New Year resolutions to create a monthly blog. I kept promising to start last year, but somehow it never happened. There is so much creativity within the VICKISARGE atelier, I’m sure you will be as excited as we are when I share the high points.

American Vogue -  The January Issue

We started the year with the best - a wonderful story in American Vogue. Styled by my long-time collaborator Lucinda Chambers and photographed by Josh Olins. Lucinda’s brief was inspired by the American painter Ellsworth Kelly. He is known for his dynamic use of colour and form, so she asked us for bold coloured pieces and strong geometric shapes.  Using Petrolux resin we created a collection called ‘Luca’ named after Luca Frisenna, the head designer on these pieces. Our earrings worked beautifully with Lucinda’s modern silhouettes.  



The Favourite

The fabulous film The Favourite has now been nominated for 10 Oscars, including best Costume Design! A year and a half ago we were asked by the renowned costume designer Sandy Powell to contribute to a period film with a small budget but big ideas!  I loved the director Yorgos Lanthimos after seeing The Lobster, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Sandy was a delight to work with and creating the jewellery (& crown!) for Olivia Colman’s Queen Anne and her court was a seamless exercise. We had an existing collection called ‘Queenie’ and after making a few adjustments, it went perfectly with Sandy’s vision.

I am over the moon with the reaction the film has created. One never knows how a project will see itself through, but I couldn’t be more delighted with the beautiful close ups the jewellery receives in so many of the scenes.

The film is a pleasure to watch, a visual treat and pure indulgence for my eyes.



 Our Amalfi Collection

Last Spring I went to Naples and visited the Amalfi Coast for the first time. I adore Italy but nothing prepared me for the outstanding beauty of this remarkable coast.    

In the 70’s this was the playground for the rich and glamorous and it instantly became inspiration for a new collection. Steeped in vintage glamour and featuring a flamboyant cocktail of gold chains, crystals and playful shells, the Amalfi pieces are perfect for a stylish dinner yet look equally stunning by the poolside.



Ecclestone Yard

We love Belgravia and our boutique and workshop have been here for nearly 20 years now. It is always exciting when we get new neighbours and just around the corner hidden away off Ebury Street we now have the Eccleston Yard.

Amongst all the new restaurants and fitness is a new concept shop called 50M. Tracey Suen is running this amazing space and they are bringing emerging and young new talent to the area.  It's a breath of fresh air, a great place to support and a real asset to our neighbourhood. There is really nothing else like it! They have a great website too so please take the time to browse.



Simon Harrison

We have a new addition to our fabulous Simon Harrison collection. His truly unique, exquisite Bear bracelet has been a favourite in our boutique for a while now. So we are delighted to welcome the African Savana Leopard in gold plate with citrine coloured crystals and a Himalayan Snow Leopard in steel set with grey crystals.  When worn the Leopard has a delightfully cleverly sprung jaw, so that it can bite its own tail to form the clasp. The bracelet is a playful interpretation of the Victorian leopard skin rug and when not being worn, it makes a great dressing table ornament! It is their beautiful,intense eyes that captured my heart though - so realistic.

Please do pop in to 38 Elizabeth Street and see these delightful pieces in the flesh. Our boutique is treasure trove and everyone finds something they love!




January 27, 2019 by Vicki Sarge