I can’t run outdoors but I love walking.  During the Spring/Summer I managed three walks a day. Now that’s it gets dark so early I only manage two. The parks in London are wonderful, I’ve enjoyed getting to know them better these past months. One thing I have enjoyed seeing this year, despite its difficulties, is people really getting into exercise. I’ve seen so many more folk walking in parks and getting outside. Let’s hope some of these new habits stick and we can become a healthier nation. This could put less strain on our beautiful NHS.


Dulwich Park London



I’ve discovered Adrienne and her dog Benji on You Tube. It’s all very simple exercises and there are loads, so you can structure this around how you’re feeling and what you require on that particular day.


I, very fortunately, live with my daughter Bea and we’re both good cooks, both specialising in different cuisines, so it never gets boring!  I’d say our biggest change in food is buying local. We have discovered an incredible Butcher in East Dulwich, Moxon’s Fishmonger and all our local Greengrocers and Turkish food shop’s. Beatrice loves the local Korean and Vietnamese shops.

Lordship Lane, Dulwich



Most of our evenings centre around the television! Although I am usually making jewellery, or knitting while I watch, so it still feels productive. Victoria, our PR, has asked me to list my current favourites...

Small Axe by Steve McQueen. First and foremost, if you haven’t seen this outstanding group of five short films, you are short changing yourself.  We are so blessed to have had the BBC commissioning these. I felt honoured to watch them on my sofa.

Small Axe


Babylon Berlin I discovered this series in the first lockdown. Yes it’s subtitled and in German and yes it’s hard to find ( I watched it on Sky) but atmospheric and wonderful.

Babylon Berlin


The Queen’s Gambit  A more recent addition to my favourite list - who knew Chess could be such a compelling subject! The costumes are an inspiration.

The Serpent  I love a bit of creepy tension. Amazingly done and a real page turner, it’s impossible not to binge.

The Serpent


Bridgerton Is my current watch, it's certainly nice escapism. The locations are beautiful, costumes fabulous and such an energetic cast!

January 13, 2021 — Vicki Sarge