Time is precious and we all live a busy life. We know our clients don’t always have the luxury to visit us at Elizabeth Street. So now we can bring the boutique to you.

A quick call detailing your requirements, a description of your outfit or accessory desires and we arrive at your doorstep with an array of choices. All ready to purchase when you find the one.

This service will be available Monday to Friday to fit within working hours and for now it is Zone One London only.

For those a bit further afield (or even across the globe) we also offer a service on WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype. We already engage with a number of international clients this way and it works beautifully. Through the wonders of technology our dedicated sales team can take you on a tour of our beautiful boutique and show you exclusive items which may not be on the website.

As our products are very limited in quantities, this is a great way to see the full scope of what we offer. Many of our beautiful pieces are one of a kind.

We hope these fresh options offer our valued customers an even more dedicated level of service and look forward to sharing your experience.

Please contact Rebecca or Maya to arrange an appointment.

Telephone:  +44 (0) 20 7259 0202   Email: boutique@vickisarge.com

Our Concierge Service at VICKISARGE

Customer Testimonials

‘Several years ago, my friends and I (US citizens) on a trip to London happened to wander by a charming store: Vicki Sarge Boutique.  In the window was a necklace like no other either of us had ever seen! We both fell in love with this necklace; and, is often the case, unfortunately only one was left. Both being very fair-minded, we agreed to flip a coin – and I lost.  Although I was trying very hard to behave graciously, not like the sore loser I was feeling, the lovely sales manager, seeing my disappointment, took pity on me and offered to have one made for me. Thus, began my love affair with Vicki Sarge Boutique and her creative designs, pieces that are both fun and elegant at the same time. Now, many years later, I continue to be a devoted customer from Los Angeles; and that same wonderful sales manager, Rebecca, helps me choose spectacular necklaces that truly fit my style and taste. She sends me photos, I send her questions, we work together—and each purchase has turned out exactly right for me’    

JB, Los Angeles

'I have just used the concierge service and it was fantastic. Both Maya and Rebecca have provided me with countless pictures, phone calls and Facetime calls so I can see the prospective items live. From the other side of the world, I was taken through the shop and saw  one-off items I loved and bought. The quality, creativity and workmanship of VS jewellery is exemplary. The process of remotely buying was a pleasure and I will use it again as it gave me confidence to buy items that I would normally prefer to view before purchase. All the items I chose I love, especially my stunning Flying Saucers necklace, bracelet and earrings. They even adjusted the stones in the earrings to perfectly match the necklace and bracelet, and changed the chain on another bracelet to one I preferred. It's the creativity and uniqueness of the pieces that I just love. I have not found anything to match VICKISARGE in that regard. Fantastic service and stunning jewellery, I receive lots of compliments on it when I wear it’

Dianne Melbourne, Australia