We are so excited to share our collaboration between VICKISARGE and the world renowned artist Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show.
'Being asked to work on the Rihanna Savagex Fenty Show was a request I could not pass up. I love the diversity and inclusiveness which has been the stronghold of this brand from the beginning. Rihanna is building a modern vision for fashion and it was a joy to be have played a part. Having worked on so many catwalk shows in the past, this was a completely different experience. What a production, a huge scale music concert but with a fashion twist! The creative team were amazing and wonderfully professional. Our concept inspirations included Morocco, Sexy Valentines and Baby Doll. Colour played a strong role and we worked in blocks of colour. Red,green,black,pink,blue,nudes and teal. When you see the show you realise what a strong impact this created on stage. Just wow. It was so much fun I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again’ Vicki



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